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T-SQL Tuesday #99: My Favourite Things. In 3 time.

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It’s T-SQL Tuesday again, and the topic is totally tech free. In fact, we get to write about our favourite non-tech related pastimes. Thanks to Aaron Bertrand (b|t) for hosting, and the wonderful topic.

So, because I have a tendency to over complicate stuff, and I like musical theatre (but mainly the first thing), here are a few of

My Favourite Things


Rump steaks and lamb chops, by choice I would braai them.
Roasted potatoes, or else I would fry them.
Pasta or Mexican. Anything sweet.
These are my favourites to cook and to eat.


Solving for Codenames, or beating Pandemic
Build a Dominion through actions systemic
Risk, Terra Mystica, Ticket to Ride
Board games, my favourite when I am inside.


Taking a wicket or scoring a fifty 
or umpiring, either is nifty.
A buzzing T20 or slow 5-day test
Of all of my favourites, cricket’s the best.


Wicked and Oliver, Hair, The Producers
Les Miserables, where EVERYONE loses
Rent, Book of Mormon, and The Lion King
I love the theatre when characters sing.


SQL Cursors
Lack of backups
When the data’s bad
I simply remember there’s life outside work
And then I don’t feel so sad

P.S. I’m very lucky to live in a wonderful country like South Africa. I would like to encourage everyone in the #SQLCommunity to consider South Africa as a vacation destination. Conveniently, we have SQL Saturdays on 2 consecutive weeks in September, and it’s entirely possible to come in, do a week of safari and a week in the winelands around the events.

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