Power BI Report Design: Links and References

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This is a companion article to my SQL Saturday Johannesburg, SQL Saturday Durban, Power BI World Tour, SQL Saturday Oregon and SQLBits 2019 session: Power BI Design Tips for the Aesthetically Challenged.
Below are some links and companion references to some of the concepts I spoke about in the session. The slide decks are uploaded to the individual event sites, as they’re all slightly modified.
I will continue to upload additional links as I find them.

Section 1: Design Theory

The principles of design 
More details about the 6 basic principles of design.
10 Most Effective Graphic Design Tips For The Beginners 
Additional tips and techniques for designing reports (and other graphical information objects)

Section 2: Data Visualizations

10 Design Tips to Create Beautiful [Charts]
Expanding on the tips and tricks for making your graphs look better.
The Art of Better Visuals
Video guidance on building better visuals.
Choosing the Right Visualization Type
hint… pick a bar chart

Section 3: Colour Theory

The Fundamentals of Understanding Colour Theory
More details on all the basics of colour theory.
Lifehacker’s guide to Colour Theory
The obligatory Wikipedia reference
This website helps you create a variety of colour palettes, based on a base colour.

Section 4: Layout

Designers Guide to Grid Theory
Learn about grid layout in far more detail. 

Section 5: Real Estate Management

Bookmarks, Navigation and Tooltips
A blog post I wrote about some of the navigation and reporting features in Power BI.

Feel free to explore the report demo. You can also download the .pbix file.

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