Working with Complicated DAX Models: Links and References

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This is a companion article to my talk, “Working with advanced DAX Models”. It includes some links to documentation, the slide deck, and the PBIX file used in the demos.

I am planning to write a more detailed post on each of the four scenarios I discussed in the presentation, but my blogging activities have been a little curtailed lately as I have been starting my own company, and planning a wedding. Watch this space, I will try to get them up soon!

Disconnected Range Slicers:

Using disconnected slicers to calculate attrition (part 2) by Koen Verbeeck (@Ko_Ver)

I asked for some advice on Twitter about a problem I was having with a disconnected slicer, and Koen graciously helped me understand the problem, and then turned it into a two-part blog. This has more detail than I could ever supply in a session. The actual range on range slicer we looked at is in part 2.

Strangely, there is not a huge amount of other documentation around this topic, or if there is, I can’t find it. Plenty of examples of disconnected slicers, but most are using the range in the disconnected table, rather than the fact table. I will definitely have to write something soon!

Role Playing Relationships


There isn’t really much to say about the work of Marco and Alberto, except to bow down in adulation. is just the latest example of their contribution. There is no better place to find documentation on DAX. Period.

Multiple Relationships Between Tables in DAXMatt Allington (@ExceleratorBI)

ExceleratorBI is another excellent resource for DAX queries, and this specific post focuses on the traditional application of role-playing relationships.

Bi-Directional Filters


The Wise Owl guide to CROSSFILTER

This is an excellent article explaining the perils of bi-directional relationships in a data model, and why CROSSFILTER is an excellent way to handle the scenario.

Non-Numeric Measures

This is a favourite topic of mine, so have some of my links

Non-Numeric Measures

Best In Class: A DAX Measure for Top Performers

Session Materials

  • Slide Deck
  • Power BI Demo (Unfortunately, some of the image urls in this file do not work. This is due to some changes on the source website. I will try update with working images when I get the opportunity)
  • YouTube Recording


Thanks for attending the talk, or just popping by. Hope that you have found something useful, and you can use some of these tips in your day-to-day work!


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