One day I will get around to completing this section properly.

Outside of work, I try to lead a fairly active and varied life, I don’t do so well with sitting around doing lots of nothing.


Playing a game at the bullring. Absolute bucket list experience!

I play cricket (when I’m not recovering from shoulder surgery, as I am right now). I was an avid cricketer when I was younger, but towards the end of high school I lost some of the joy I used to get from the game. In university I started umpiring the game to make a little bit of extra money, and I soon found that I really enjoyed it. I started taking it fairly seriously in 2007 and I was lucky enough to be selected to stand at a number of representative weeks, first for my union, GCUA, and then for Cricket South Africa. I gave up my ambitions of becoming a professional umpire in 2016 when I realized that I didn’t really enjoy it as much at a competitive level, preferring to have a cold beverage with the players after the game! I was very privileged to umpire some of the finest young cricketers in

South Africa, and even internationally. More than that, umpiring has given me the opportunity to make great friends and share amazing experiences with them. When I gave up umpiring seriously, it also afforded me the chance to go back to playing cricket, and I’m loving being out on the park again. I may be fat and slow, but the enjoyment is still there.


I also play a little bit of squash and tennis, and I try to pretend that I run.